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Election Day: May 2, 2023

  • Absentee ballots available starting March 23, 2023.

Bond Projects Overview

  • This bond proposal is a no tax rate increase, meaning the millage rate will remain at 7 mills. 

    Fraser Public Schools is seeking a $59 million bond, which will be sold in two series to reduce interest costs.

    The bond will provide revenue for updates and renovations at all of Fraser’s schools. If approved by voters, the current tax rate will not change. The tax rate for bonds that are expiring will simply be extended.
    School Superintendent Dr. Carrie Wozniak said that the bond proposal is designed to continue enhancing security improvements already being implemented at all schools and facilities. “The bond proposal will finance updates of building infrastructure, including roofs and exterior doors, mechanical and electrical systems, parking lots, and walkways,” she said. “In addition, the bond will provide revenue for improving site drainage, constructing an addition to the athletic support facility at Fraser High School, and replacing equipment and school buses that have reached the end of their useful life.”

    Board of Education President Scott Wallace said the intent of the bond proposal is to assure that our school facilities are up-to-date and provide an appropriate learning environment for our students. “Voter approval of the bond proposal will help protect the community’s investment in its school district,” he added. “I’m also confident it will enhance our ability to continue providing quality education to all the students that we serve.”

    The majority of Fraser’s school buildings are over 60 years of age. The oldest school building, Eisenhower Elementary School, was constructed in 1957, and the newest, Fraser High School, was built in 1970. Ongoing school maintenance of school facilities is completed through the school district’s operating dollars. However, when it’s time for large-scale projects, such as heating and cooling system (HVAC) replacement, roof replacement, etc., a bond proposal is necessary to cover the cost of needed updates.

    “We presented a draft bond proposal through a focus panel process that included community members, staff, business leaders, elected officials, parents and students. We also sought opinions about the bond proposal via an online survey that was open to all school employees and all members of the community. Overwhelmingly, the focus panelists and survey respondents supported the proposed bond projects and encouraged the Board of Education to place this bond proposal on the May ballot,” said Dr. Wozniak.

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