Richards Middle School Projects Overview

  • The outlined projects are the result of a collaborative effort among building and district staff. This $29.37 million bond is designed to help provide modern facilities, technology and transportation to our students, staff and community.

    Proposed improvements at Richards Middle School are:

    • Resurface parking lots which are crumbling and cracked.
    • Install underground storm water drainage. The current system allows for water and ice to build up on sidewalks.
    • Update classroom technology, student devices, and technology infrastructure when it reaches the end of its useful life.
    • Add flexible furniture to classrooms to allow for collaboration, small group instruction and personalized learning.
    • Add air conditioning to gymnasium. The gym is used for assemblies and classes and becomes very warm when students and teachers are inside. There are no windows or doors to allow for better air flow. 
    • Replace parking lot lights outside of the Idea Lab, which are aging and inefficient.
    • Replace roof over 80’s wing and art wing, which is out of warranty and leaking.
    • Upgrade the HVAC system to better control the climate inside the school.
    • Replace stage curtains which are tattered and torn.

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