• Fraser Public Schools is committed to providing students with disabilities a free and appropriate public education consistent with federal and state laws. Fraser Public Schools provides evaluations for students who are suspected of having a disability under IDEA (the federal special education law) and/or Section 504.

    If there is reason to suspect that the student has a disability, staff may use the Problem Solving Team process to recommend an evaluation. Parental consent will be requested prior to evaluation. Following the 504 or special education evaluation, a team meeting is held to review the evaluation data and develop an appropriate program for the student.

    Specific Learning Disability Guidelines

    For evaluations of infants and toddlers (ages 0-3) call: Macomb Infant and Preschool Programs (MIPP) at 586-412-2725

    For evaluations of preschoolers (ages 3 -5) call: Megan Busen, SLP and Transition Coordinator for Preschool/Student Services (586) 439-7661

    For evaluations of students in grades K-12, contact your child's teacher or building principal to discuss the process available through MTSS Tiers of Intervention.

    For Section 504 evaluations, call:  504 Coordinator (586) 439-7294