• Walt Disney Elementary School is a community-based school that serves 389 students with Mrs. Amy Porter as Principal.  The school consists of 15 classroom teachers and 12 part-time staff members.  Disney offers a resource room for students who may require special services to accommodate their learning abilities.  In addition, Disney has support staff members such as an early intervention specialist, a social worker, teacher consultants, a speech pathologist, a library technician and 21st Century Technology Teacher who offer support to our students and classroom teachers, as well.  The district also provides a psychologist and curriculum consultants to be utilized when needed.

    The core curriculum provides learning opportunities for all children in the areas of mathematics, language arts, (which include reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing), science and social studies.  All classes visit the Media Center throughout the week to enhance their academic skills.

    Disney is extremely proud of the very supportive and active P.T.O. which plans a number of activities for our students and families throughout the school year. 



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