Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • Local Scholarships are available for Fraser High School Seniors who are currently attending classes at FHS.

    Please check with your counselor for more information about these scholarships.


    Please see below for information on scholarships that are available to students:

    • FHS Scholarships

      All senior students were e-mailed applications for the following scholarships. Hard copies of each scholarship can be picked up in the counseling office.

      • Fraser High School Scholarship (this one application will apply you for multiple scholarships)
      • Carole Bannister Scholarship for Performing and Creative Arts
      • Clinton Valley Kiwanis
      • Jerry DeBono & The Four Horsemen Memorial Scholarship
      • Fraser Goodfellows**
      • Fraser Soccer Club (Kenny Kilgo Memorial Scholarship for Boys & Cynthia Dumm Memorial Scholarship for Girls)**
      • Allison Guzik Memorial Scholarship
      • John Hanley Memorial Scholarship
      • Fred M. Harris Memorial Scholarship
      • Rachel Kao Memorial Scholarship
      • Connor David McMahon Memorial Scholarship
      • Bert & Joan Sampson Memorial Scholarship
      • Daniel J. Stawinski State Farm Agency Scholarship

      **This scholarship application must be sent in by the student to the address provided on the application. The deadline differs from the general March 15 deadline.**

      Please be sure to read each application carefully and fill out all the required sections.

      You must complete and return your completed applications to Ms. Maurer in the counseling office NO LATER than 2:30 pm on Friday, March 15, 2024. Any applications submitted after this date and time will NOT be considered.

      If you are a VIRTUAL student, the same requirements and deadlines apply. 

      If you are a 12th grade ECM student, this is the year you can apply for FHS scholarships.

    • Other Scholarships

    Financial Aid:

    The FAFSA form can be submitted starting October 1st. The state of Michigan’s deadline is March 1st. The FAFSA form is required by our federal government for students to seek out grants, scholarships, and loans.