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Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices 

Salk teachers attended a two-day workshop on Restorative Practices.  The Salk Elementary 5th grade teachers are using what they learned to gain a stronger sense of community within their classrooms.  

Morning meetings and circles are being conducted in Ms. Fenech’s, Mr. Hitchings and Ms. Provost’s 5thgrade classrooms. These meetings help students learn how communication is an important part of everyday life.  

‘Circling Up’ has an inner and outer circle of students with students facing each other.  The students are given a choice of a few different questions they can answer and then are asked to have a discussion with whomever their partner happens to be that is facing them.  

The inner-circle may be asked to move four places to the left and have a discussion regarding another question with another student, and then they may be asked to move two places to the left, and so on. This gives the students the opportunity to have conversations with students they may not talk with on a daily basis. 

Morning meetings and circles are opportunities for the teachers to incorporate the importance of many character traits including empathy, kindness, respect, honesty, and compassion.  

It is evident that students are excited about the Circles when the most asked question throughout the day is “Are we going to be ‘Circling Up’ today?”