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Work Begins on Pool, Summer Projects

The biggest portion of projects from the Fraser Difference bond is underway, just as the one-year mark since the election approaches. The Board of Education awarded bids totaling more than $8.1 million at the February 26 meeting.

The scope of work this year focuses on Fraser High School, Richards Middle School, and Disney, Eisenhower and Twain elementary schools. Work will also be done at the Administration and Operations and Maintenance buildings.

The bulk of the work will begin once the school year ends. Parking lots at all of the buildings mentioned will be resurfaced. Lots at Eisenhower and Twain will be expanded and redesigned for better traffic flow.

Work began in mid-March on the overhaul of the Fraser High School pool and locker rooms, which have gone relatively unchanged since they were added to the school in the mid-1970s.

In the pool, all of the tile will be replaced. Crews will also install a sound-absorbing ceiling, climate control system to reduce humidity, and replace the scoreboards and touch-pads for more reliable time keeping.

The high school will also see elevator upgrades and improvements to the athletic fields north of the school.

Additional projects at Richards Middle School include improvements near and in the gym. These include installing air conditioning and a new sound system inside the gym, and upgrading the bathrooms nearest the gym.

Disney, Eisenhower and Twain will also benefit from playground upgrades, air conditioning and a sound-absorbing ceiling installed in the gyms, and have classroom sink cabinets replaced. The roof at Eisenhower will also be replaced.

Finally, the roof at the Administration Building will be replaced, and the elevator will be upgraded. 

Work is scheduled to wrap up before school starts in September. 


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