Fraser Forward | Fall 2020

  • Please view our District Communications Page to review the latest response to the November 15, 2020 Pause to Save Lives announcement.

    We are excited to start moving forward with our next steps for face-to-face and virtual learning opportunities for our students. We know that families have many questions. Over the past week, we have been following up with students and families to address these questions.

    Below are resources that have been developed to answer questions and provide clarity on both face-to-face and virtual learning opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fraser Forward | October 28, 2020

October 13, 2020 Updates

  • The Board of Education was presented with three options for returning to school at the October 12 meeting. After review, the Board voted to return to face-to-face learning five days a week beginning November 30. There will still be a robust virtual option available for all families as well.

    • DK will only have a face-to-face option.
    • Elementary K-6 families will have one choice to make that will be effective from November 30 - June 16. 
    • Secondary 7-12 families will have two choices to make
      • November 30th - January 22nd (Virtual or Face-to-Face)
      • January 25th - Second Semester (Virtual or Face-to-Face)

    We have prioritized transitioning our elementary students first. This was a state-wide priority. It also closely coordinates with the 1st Trimester at these buildings. Secondary students will fully transition at the start of 2nd Semester.

    Please note that we may revert to all virtual learning if directed by state or local health officials.


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