Remote Learning

  • Leveraging the work from our Return to School Plan, we have decided that in the best interest of the safety of our students and staff, we will start the school year in a virtual mode, with opportunities for small group, in-person learning for every grade level in the District. We plan to continue in that mode through the first semester of school (January 22, 2021). This date is subject to change. The District will continually monitor and adjust accordingly based upon the data and research provided by the Health Department. However, a virtual option will stay in place throughout the year.

    Students will participate in online learning at home with Fraser teachers providing direct instruction virtually from our schools.

    This will be a robust learning experience with direct instruction.  Teachers will meet virtually with students each day.

    In addition, there are opportunities for small groups to meet Face-to-Face. Groups would consist of approximately 10 students meeting in-person for a half day on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday mornings. Some priority group students may have the opportunity to meet more frequently. Small group participation is optional.

Device and Instructional Support

Types of Learning

  • Synchronous

    This type of learning is done with a teacher online (live) at a designated time.

    • Live content mini-lessons
    • Lesson follow up
    • Assignment check-in
    • Online discussions
    • Teacher read-alouds
    • Live reflections
    • Digital games


    This type of learning can be done by students digitally at any time during the day without the teacher present.

    • Teacher-recorded content mini-lessons
    • Tasks assigned from a website (Zearn, BrainPop)
    • Expert videos (view and respond)
    • Recorded reflections


    This is time spent on activities that require little to no technology:

    • Journals/Workbooks
    • Writing pieces
    • Performance tasks
    • Nature/backyard exploration