FPS 1:1 Initiative

  • Students using iPad  

    Fraser Public Schools 1:1 initiative is comprised of District provided iPad devices. Devices are provided to all students in 3rdthrough 12th grade. These devices are used throughout the school day and students take them home so that learning does not stop when they leave school. Our students in developmental kindergarten through 2nd grade have access to iPad sets within their classroom.  Since these grades utilize a lot of center-based approaches to learning, this seemed to be the best fit for those students. When these younger students are in their weekly 21st Century Literacy class, they each have access to an iPad to ensure the entire class can learn together. 

    Students are also allowed to bring their own technology (BYOT) as needed. All of our resources have been strategically picked to be accessible from anywhere and on any device to ensure complete access to any resources students need. For example, our students have access to Microsoft Office 365, which provides cloud-based tools such as Outlook Email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note. Students have the ability to collaborate real time with their teachers and fellow students, as well as save and share their files with Microsoft SkyDrive.
    Teachers utilize a Learning Management System (LMS) to ensure students have access to all class work and information electronically as well. Our elementary students utilize Edmodo and our Secondary students utilize Blackboard. iPads also allow students to download content for use at home in case they do not have home connectivity. These are just a couple examples of our systems that are online and available for any student to access from any device anywhere anytime.
    Our 1:1 and BYOT programs are focused on our learning environment and ensuring anytime anywhere access for students, regardless of the device they use.



  • iPads have transformed our District, building, and classrooms - Students & Parents Benefit - 4th Grade Teacher Twain
    Used to have to wait to go home to research what I was unclear about, now - whole universe is at my fingertips - FHS Student
    I used to use a paper agenda, now I use @ myhomeworkapp on#iPad - RMS Student
    Used to hand draw my notes - Now I use #Typeonpdf on #iPad to download my notes which saves me time and energy- FHS Student -
    I could not cover as much content as I can with #iPads - gives quick access to materials relating to curriculum - FHS Teacher
    iPads allow students to present curriculum info students find, which is the highest level of learning - FHS Teacher
    Before we had iPads, I had to go around the classroom and check each student's calculator to ensure they were understanding. Using the TI-Nnpire... (cont'd)
    iPads - Can provide students spreadsheet to work on - saves time students were typing instead of working Fraser High School Math Teacher
    I used to have messy notes and now I use @ evernote and everything is organized - RMS Student
    I used to use poster board for my projects, now I use the Show Me app on my iPad. RMS Student


  • Convergent Technology Partners
    John C. Foster, RCDD
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    Jason Lewandowski
    Account Executive (K-12 MI)
    Apple Education
    Apple, Inc.
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    Todd Tobin
    Senior Account Executive
    30275 Hudson Dr.
    Novi, MI 48377
    (248) 893-0738
    Casper (JAMF Software)
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