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FPS Wireless

  • To effectively support Fraser Public Schools’ ambitious 1:1 and BYOD initiatives, a new wireless infrastructure was required in all District buildings and learning environments.  The District engaged Delta Network Services to design, install and support the wireless project.

    The WLAN had to be fast, secure, reliable and scalable.  It needed to provide wireless coverage everywhere and support the high number of users and different device types, anytime, anywhere.

    Delta built out a system comprised of highly available, dual Aruba Networks 6000 WLAN controllers, and approximately 450 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless access points to provide the speed, scale, and fault tolerance required of a mission critical WLAN network.  Per user, next generation firewall software, identity-based policy enforcement, location-aware Apple support and Airwave applications were layered on to provide a rich level of security services, granular control, ease of management and application visibility of the entire deployment. 

    Please see the Case Studies for additional detail on this exciting project and how this technology is positively enabling the New Learning Environment within Fraser Public Schools.