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Network Switching

  • Today, maybe more so than ever, the network switching and routing infrastructure matters.  It isn’t glamorous, and most users don’t even know it exists – until it isn’t working.

    The network switching infrastructure is the path through which all District applications flow – all wireless traffic, IP telephony, internet access, cloud-based apps and standardized testing. 

    As such, the network must be fast and scalable, with bulletproof reliability.  It has to provide the capacity for bandwidth hungry applications, and the ability to power network devices like wireless access points, VoIP telephone handsets, IP security cameras, door access controls and so forth. 

    Delta Network Services and Extreme Networks partnered to provide Fraser Public Schools one of the most scalable, manageable, extensible and elegant enterprise switching solutions available, all optimized for IP-based applications. 

    With 10 gigabit uplinks and server connections, gigabit user port connections, 802.11at PoE delivery, diverse fiber pathways, VRRP and MLAG logical redundancy, as well as ring-based switch stacking, the Fraser network infrastructure is state of the art, enabling the advanced applications and digital curriculum being delivered daily by FPS staff.


    To read more, please see the associated Case Study.