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Welcome to FPS Apple TV Page

  • Fraser Public Schools has  approximately 400 Apple TV's across the District. Each classroom is equipped with an Apple TV, projector with kanax adaptor, promethean board, document camera, teacher laptop and student iPads. Staff and Students can connect to the Apple TV in their classroom (or one in close proximity to them) by entering the connection security code that appears as the teacher turns on the Apple TV for use. Apple TV has become an integral part of our classrooms and is used daily for students to share their work, teachers to show examples, etc . Apple TV is also in conference rooms and other large instruction rooms across the District. See the teacher feedback section on this page for examples of uses within the classroom.
    Technical Setup:
    Fraser Public Schools has approximately 330 Aruba wireless access points across the district. Staff and Student users are placed into separate VLAN pools at each building where different web content filtering rules are applied. The Apple TV’s are connected to separate wired VLAN’s within each building across the district. The Aruba controller uses a feature called AirGroup in conjunction with the Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) Appliance that allows staff and student users access to the Apple TV’s. AirGroup and CPPM work together to limit which Apple TV’s the users have access to. This is based upon user proximity to the Apple TV's they are physically closest to within each building.
    The Aruba AirGroup / CPPM streamlines the user experience by:
    1) Presenting only a short list of 6-8 Apple TV's needed within the work area of the user. Making the system easy and intuitive to use.
    2) By default, Apple iPads can only display a maximum of 64 Apple TV devices at one time. In buildings where there are more than 64 Apple TV’s, which is typical in most buildings, it becomes very likely that the Apple TV the user needs to connect to won’t show up on the iPad device. AirGroup and CPPM make access to all resources possible.
    See our partner link for contact information and for assistance with your District's installation.